Commoners, Peers, Drunks & Thieves

by The Talks

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released December 18, 2014

All songs written by The Talks
Recorded & Mixed at AOO Studios
by Patrick Pretorius & Jody Moore
Mastered by: Ed Woods
Artwork design: Jody Moore
Font Thanks: OCR A, NeoPrint
Picture contributions from : Sigurd Decroos
iTch recorded by Alejandro Carrera

Patrick Pretorius - Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone, Double Bass, Keys
Jody Moore - Vocals, Guitars, Organs, Keys & Sounds
Iain Allen - Bass, Vocal
Richard Lovelock - Drums

Aditional Musicians
Dr Ring Ding - Trombone (Solo on ‘Sam’)
Will Chalk - Trumpet
Adam Thompson - Trombone
iTch - Vocals
Joe Holt - Hammond (alright with me)

© 2015 All our own records, The copyright in this sound recording & the artwork is owned by All Our Own Records, Warning: All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance & broadcasting prohibited. Made in the E.U.
iTch appears courtesy of Red Bull Records


all rights reserved



The Talks Hull, UK

The Talks Dub Ska rockers from Yorkshire UK,

In a short space of time the band have been building themselves a live reputation around the UK and Europe for delivering a bouncing, sweaty shows supporting the likes of The Specials, Rancid, The Beat, King Blues, Random Hand, The Toasters and many more. ... more

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Track Name: Don't look behind you
Face in the mirror, tell me what do you see, A shadow, the fading lights of possibility, We spent all of our hours making plans. Now day after day it gets harder to think straight, Pounding with fear you run, but you're a year too late, Life is leaking through your hands.

Don't look behind you it's right beside you, All of the things you should’ve done.
Don't look behind you it's right beside you, You missed it back when you were young.

Now there's no more tomorrows, today don't come easy,They treat you different like an ill distant memory, And now the tide is coming in.

Never gonna be pleased no one said this was gonna be easy
Stop waiting in line with a life that's always on repeat
Don't let the idiots keep on winning and watching the TV and reminiscing wishing you could go back to the beginning, stop take a look and listen there's no time for it to be different
You see the way to get ahead is getting started and even if you fall on your face you’re moving forward
Track Name: Radio
Oh my radio, my radio, Well who are we to argue
Oh my radio, my radio, We’re still in love with you
Oh my radio, my radio, Well who are we to argue
Oh my radio, my radio

With the precision of a butcher, A voice fit for a choir, I’m your loveable, well respected,
Upstanding representative for this town, And your dreams are my dreams
And your problems are my problems, And I would never tell a lie so
Everyone in line

Dream broken by the awful sound of the static on the stereo
Man say’s “He’s too fat, he’s too old, Got wrong skin too”
And I have never ever said, any word a lie anything just like this Is fine,
Just to keep you in line
Track Name: Tear us apart
How did we find our way into the mess? To find a hollow loneliness
Can’t find no truth between your sins and lies
But still it try, but I can't find the soul behind your smile

If time has tore us apart, I’ll tear us back to the start,
If time has tore us apart, I’ll tear us back to the start,
If I wait won't you!

You’re leading me into complacency, To pull the rug from
underneath me
When did those dreams of us begin to stray?, Cry out your heart and I’ll beg you to stay
Track Name: Fire
Sober leaning on the cash machine with nothing on my phone
trying to avoid the werewolves round me Then I see your face and all the alphas caught in chase, Think twice and join the 10 deep at the bar

And then you turn your head and smile at me and I think oh my god this cannot be so i jitter a few broken words. You laugh find it charming which I find quiet alarming. And then you kissed me where it hurts

Just like a fire, No love no happy ending, now only you me in here. Just like a fire, the neighbours won't stop complaining sun comes up when she's going down

Drunken falling out the exit for a party up the road
Stumble and fumble hands inside clothes
Its 6 in the morning, give me something to stop me yawning and then you grip me where it hurts
Track Name: Ceasefire (Feat. Itch)
I hope your prey come back to see it, The day when you meet your maker, Your victims finally get redemption, You're not going to St. Peter
Forever trapped in purgatory, To the echo of a war cry
Relate the other side of the story, Glory, and hope echoing your war crimes desert waste

Fear and hate form the enemy of state, create nuclear war
Fear and hate pushing back the end date just fighting for a cause
Peace and cease fire from the soldiers rifle to the floor
Fear and hate seal a nations fate they deal it, deal it, deal it

Preach from your pulpit, Like the jury and the jailer
From your golden throne you mask a savage, A true murderous dictator
You send your troops to assassinate one man, but for innocent people
destroying livelihoods and homes, a community zone for bombs and endless terror prey make it better

Dropping bombs is not the way to put the end to war
You don't like the effect but keep on creating the cause
Two nations trained to hate each other to the core
And fear and hate deal a nations fate through media war lords

Forever dreaming, These barriers will come down
These walls that try to stop us ever knowing, the true meaning of existence
Is not to fight, forever reaching, Is there anybody out there?
Just to change the order of existence, forever in the darkness dreaming
Track Name: Light up
You see me light up when you say you’ll stay, but I know it’s safe

Nowt left for me to say, Cos I’m feeling so low,
Can’t rid this breaking ache, By not being myself no more,
No one to lift this weight, its been broken for too long.

Last night you stood up said “now where’s your feeling?”
You said so sadly “I’m not meant to be leaving”
I said this honestly “This isn’t gonna turn out great”

Look love it’s getting late, Bottle’s now run empty,
Quietly slip away, “Well just one more time” “Oh No”,
No one to make the break, Well I’ve been reeling and dealing with these feelings for days
Track Name: All in a day
It's all in a day, Enough to go grey, And I know the way that you're feeling, Too easily strayed,
Gave in lost your way, You'll go out and stay out for three days, I'm here for you friend, This is not the end, Just hold on the dark clouds are lifting, It's all in a day, But don't turn away, It won't last the way that you're feeling

They say that you're walking on thin ice to do time between cell walls, But I see a light shine in your eyes that just won't give up

I know you want to take revenge on that boy, But you're in trouble, they're gonna struggle to let this one go, The police they came around I tried but they've got all they need and it's the last time
He betrayed you and paid you with nothing but the pain and tears she's cried, But I still see a light shine in your eyes that just won't give up,
Track Name: Hacks
When you was 18, you kept your nose clean, bright blue eyed Essex boy with ambitiously bold schemes, straight out the nest writing for gutter press, didn’t stop to look around just grinned at London town

That’s where the hacks go down; they really hit the ground, that’s where the hacks go down

You were the doctor, investigator, you where the brains, the judge, the chief communicator.
There wasn’t one single web you wouldn’t spin, took your orders from the Sun, no scoop you couldn’t win, took fabrications and made them come true, for every lie there was a spy who kissed and told you, couldn’t believe all the headlines up your sleeve, set them up to knock them down and grinned and watched them drowned!

Smoke, Screens, cloaks and daggers, Fleet Street; shadowing the blaggers, Cut loose, lower ranking boards fed to dogs at Scotland yard, slipped away to number ten but then, came accusations, through allegations but in your vipers pit you ordered the violations, from your black heart exercised your darkest art, they set you up to knock you down, they grinned and watched you drowned!
Track Name: Tune in
Shot silver bullets into our land of the un-dead, Down in the gutter is where we fight each other
To do not question, is our only function, It's on your news feed In Tory newspapers in newspeak
The lies they spit out today forgotten about by next week, We're sick to the back teeth, kicking out the black sheep

Tune in, The land of hypocrisy oh, Liberate emancipate oh no not we
Tune in, The land of hypocrisy oh, Rip off the chains, break the reins raise your fist and fight
The ignorance doesn't bring us bliss.

You think we're grateful, Well who the fuck do you think that you are, You cut from the poor, starved them out but still you want more, Poverty's the narrator, but bankers stacks are greater
Perverted police force, That are just another matter of course, A girl gets raped the case doesn't even make court, You're stitching and skewing the facts, her accusations retract, Left with the fears, and sentenced for years

So, you know they got you where they want you, Right wing, consumerist regime of hate
And if you're so, sick of lies and fuelled by rage and, Scraping through minimum wage
Dying under a coalition, On propaganda and malnutrition, We've got to join in opposition and unite, To take the, future set for us to lead, It's our liberty
Track Name: Sam
Oh Sam, when we were first introduced, you where so clear but you had a wicked side to you, so fun it turned out we were a potent mix, wobbling leg like a shaking with anxiety, in the middle of the night if find myself completely speechless, but still somehow I found nothing but my liberty, just like an old rocker, jumped up high roller nothing in my life could ever set me up for this

Time wishing’s time wasted, Tear us through our regrets!
Track Name: Alright with me
All I see are shining pearls, And that's alright with me, Know my place in a plastic world, Who I'm supposed to be, I wear my suit from 8 till 5, Take my job seriously, I get drunk every Friday night
Well that's alright with me

It starts with just one, then two people, To let the wheel come free, So wake up stop turning your head away

I get truths from my local papers, Well that's alright with me, Large chain stores take my visa
And their handling fee, I've been stood up and shot down and now I sit, As Part of the scenery
So undone so commercial exposed, But that's alright with me

Loose My days to the chores, Well that's alright with me, Traffic ques and boredom that I feel
It's only temporary, Still I'm day dreaming still the feeling of the sunshine and ease, Surrounded by blue seas, But woke up to bus stops and bills, Surrounded by concrete

I hear your calm sensitive tone, You're disappointed with me, You said yes when really meant no
And put it so selflessly, Oh what no, there's no pleasing u now you see, Well maybe you'll disagree
Throw some things and repeat the same old, Guess that's alright with me

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